Epistane Powder

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Epistane Powder Details:

Epistane is not just a Pro-hormone, it is already a very powerful active compound that attaches to and activates Androgen Receptor sites.
Epistane is a designer hormone, designed to give you the very best Anabolic effects with limited side-effects from Androgens.

Benefits & Results of Epistane Powder:

Epistane is a dry mass gainer that will give you a lean, aesthetic appearance, increase strength and power, and can give you a whole new physique in just a couple of weeks. Epistane can simultaneously add size while lowering body fat. Most people gain 6-10 lbs during a cycle of 4-6 weeks.
Epistane is a popular option to use while dieting, to assure that you keep your gains and strength while dropping weight.
Epistane also doesn’t convert to estrogen; this means no worries about bloating, gyno, or water retention! It has actually been reported to lower estrogen, but you should never use it as an AI.
Epistane has even been shown to reverse gyno and some use it as part of their PCT.

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